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Three sample programs have been written so far.

doom.scm demonstrates generate-exe by generating a texture browser for classic Doom. Just edit doom.scm to contain the correct path to your DOOM.WAD file, and then use SchemeRun doom.scm to generate the executable. The executable is called doomshow.exe. Running doomshow list prints a list of all the wall textures in Doom. Running doomshow show texturename displays the named texture in a window. Texture names are case-sensitive!

doom.scm demonstrates the make-bitmap-maker function. The make-bitmap-m function defined in the file takes parameters describing various low-color bitmap formats, and builds the Pascalesque source for a conversion function, which is then compiled directly into MSIL.

Any executable created with generate-exe will rely on ExprObjModel.dll and ControlledWindowLib.dll. Importantly, the executable generated by generate-exe will require the same DLLs that were used when generate-exe was called; otherwise deserialization may not work right!

make-bitmap-maker.scm includes another copy of the make-bitmap-m function (actually the first copy) and some ways to test it.

invert-server.scm demonstrates a TCP client/server application. Instructions are here: InvertServer

keytest.scm demonstrates windowing using the new object system. Loading keytest.scm creates a window and a window controller. A cursor is created in the window and it can be moved around a grid with the arrow keys.

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