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Here are some things I am considering adding to this Scheme. I cannot guarantee that I will add them.


  • Ability to get geometry for convex hulls so they can be drawn
  • Support for floating-point vectors and floating-point quaternions
  • Support for a non-parallel For in Pascalesque (although while can be used for this)
  • Support for char and string and StringBuilder in Pascalesque
  • Support for try-finally and using in Pascalesque
  • DateTime and TimeSpan support
  • HttpListener and HttpClient
  • SqlConnection, SqlCommand, SqlParameter, SqlDataReader (possibly OleDb and Odbc as well)
  • VirtualAlloc from Pascalesque
  • Native code function generation (giving access to SSE, SSE2, AVX, maybe even the legacy FPU)
    • I will prefer 64-bit over 32-bit
    • This will probably involve yet another language
  • Better support for enumerations. Using reflection for them is a real pain.

Blue Sky

  • A full-screen OpenGL mode.
  • Amazon S3 / SQS / SNS support
    • I want to avoid awssdk.dll, and code straight to the REST API
    • I also want credentials in the registry so I don't accidentally include my S3 password in the distribution :P
    • Or the credentials could be encrypted, so that if I did distribute them, no one could get in.
  • Ability to use Pascalesque to generate entire stand-alone DLLs and EXEs (with no dependency on ExprObjModel.dll)
    • Use this version of Sunlit World Scheme to generate the next one

I also want to write more documentation.

How You Can Help

I am currently in need of:
  • Feature Requests
  • Documentation Requests
  • Bug Reports
  • Success or Failure Stories

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