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The implementation of this Scheme is based on an ExpressionObjectModel.

Building this program requires Visual Studio 2010 Professional. It might work with other build systems but I haven't tested it. (see footnote 1)

The SchemeCode directory contains a batch file called CopyExes.bat which copies the debug executables from where the build puts them.

It also contains a few SamplePrograms.

The distribution includes a program called GraySpace which provides color syntax highlighting by converting Scheme code to HTML.

The user documentation for Sunlit World Scheme is located in the swscheme.xml file. Drop this file on your web browser. The associated xsl file is a transformer that will cause most browsers to convert the document to HTML for viewing.

There is also information on AddingFunctions.

Not all functions are documented in the documentation, for example (apropos-list) is not documented, neither is pi, e, sin, expt, ... coming soon I suppose. You can look in the source code to see how these undocumented functions work.

See also some weird things in the source code.
1: It may be possible to build this program with other tools, but I can't guarantee it. Even if the program currently builds with something else, I might at any time use some feature of VS 2010 Professional that the other build tool does not support.

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