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Latest Release is swscheme-20100821.

Source Code is still being updated as of Feb 2013.

Project Description
Sunlit World Scheme is a nearly R4RS-compliant Scheme implementation that supports threading, TCP, UDP, cryptography, and simple graphics and windowing. It's designed to be easy to extend. It also has an embedded compiler (for a different language) that produces MSIL.

  • Scheme in .NET, with .NET features
  • XCOPY deployment
  • Partial standard compliance (aiming for more)
    • Proper tail calls
    • Call/cc with unlimited extent
    • Arbitrary precision integers, arbitrary-precision rationals, double-precision floats
    • Mutable strings
    • No complex numbers
    • No "do" syntax
    • No hygienic macros
    • eval works in a non-standard way
  • Pre-treatment for faster execution
  • Dynamic variables
  • Dynamic wind
  • Partial continuations
  • Procedures are serializable (except when created from delegates or Pascalesque)
  • generate-exe (via serialized procedures)
  • throw and catch
  • Disposable object tracking (but no gc for disposable objects)
  • Asynchronous I/O
  • Threading (a few functions may not be thread-safe)
  • A new object system based on the actor model
  • Low-level windowing
  • Bitmaps and graphics
  • Binary files
  • New in Mercurial repository! Codec generator (i.e., serializer generator, pickler combinators)
  • Byte arrays
  • Sets and maps
  • 3-D vectors, vertices, lines, planes, and convex hulls
  • TCP and UDP support, client and server modes
  • "Pascalesque" compiler to MSIL byte code (works, but still in development)
    • Mis-named; actually more like Scheme than Pascal
    • Strongly typed
    • Proper tail calls
    • No call/cc
    • Lambda, let, let*, letrec, and let loop
    • "While" syntax allows iteration without the overhead of lambda
    • Unsafe code and pinning of arrays
    • Parallel For

Some Documentation is on this Wiki. There is also an XML documentation file in the source code and the download; you can browse it at The two sources of documentation complement each other and do not overlap.

Latest binary release: swscheme-20100821. The binaries in the release download are in the SchemeCode subdirectory.

It's probably better to get the source code and build it; the features are better! (I don't yet have an automated process to create a binary release, so I don't do it very often...)

FutureDirections are being considered. Currently, development is concentrating on Pascalesque, 3-D math, and the object system.

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